Benefits Of Pickles

Pickles have been there for a very long time. They were used as a method of food preservation in the ancient times before the invention of refrigerators. The process of pickling can be traced back to the Indians about 4000 to 5000 years ago. It has many benefits to the body, and some of them include the supply of essential benefits and liver protection. This article enumerates some of the advantages of pickles consumption that even doctors acknowledge

Merits Of Pickles

Diabetes Control

Research over time shows that vinegar based pickles help to improve hemoglobin levels in patients who have diabetes. That, in turn, helps to control the sugar levels. The acid present in vinegar is responsible for that phenomenon. However, they should be taken moderately because the excess consumption of salted pickles has been shown to increase blood pressure.

Improves Digestion

Gooseberry is one of the favorite fruits to be pickled in India. This is because gooseberries have several health benefits to the body. Amla fruit is also used in the pickling process. The fruit is a seasonal fruit. Therefore, the unripe amla pickles are prepared. Most people take the fruits as an appetizer of first course meals as they have been found to aid in digestion.

Reduces Ulcers

Ulcers are internal wounds that are caused by a failure of mucous membranes and the interaction of acids on the tissues. The most common type of ulcers is the gastric ulcers, and it is brought about by the weakening of mucous membranes and hyperacidity. Regular consumption of pickles especially those from gooseberries or amla has been found to reduce the ulcers. Also, if you do not have ulcers, they will help to prevent them from forming.

Supply Of Essential Vitamins

Fresh pickles are made from leafy vegetables and herbs like coriander and spinach. Such pickles are interesting and appetizing for the children as compared to when they are made to eat them as vegetables. Pickles are not only good in taste, but they also supply the body with important minerals like iron and calcium. In addition to that, the body gets essential vitamins like vitamin A and C.

Liver Protection

Pickles from gooseberries and Amla also have hepatoprotective properties. Researchers administered lab amla extracts to lab animals with liver damage and ones with chemically induced hepatotoxicity. They found that the liver damage in the animals was significantly reduced. The liver is an important organ in the body so try out the pickles to keep it healthy.